110KMT Refreshing Cologne Tissue Sachet Machine Full Version & Europe Specifications

operates with non-pressed and continuous packaging materials. It can operate with cellophane, pearlized, polypropylene and aluminum laminated packaging materials in the hot bonding system. All packaging materials complying with hot bonding can be worked on. This machine can make spunlace nonwoven cologne sachet from 50 mm wide to 120mm wide for width (Roller width depends) and by 45mm long up to 140 mm long. The machine work with a production speed of 100 maximum and 90 minimum sachet per minute. Machine is very simple and easy to operate. Simply pressing the touch panel with your finger can alter the setting and change the bag length. Various packaging data can be stored in the memory. The machine can automatically complete the products measuring, conveying and feeding, filling, date code printing, bag sealing and cutting. PLC control system combined with touch screen, can easily set can change the packing parameters. All surfaces which are contacted by the product to be packaged made with 304 quality stainless steel. The machine has a big closed plexiglass chassis designed to improve the high level design for this kind of machines. Machine is under warranty for 2 year.