110KMP Refreshing Cologne Tissue Sachet Machine With Stainless Steel Closed Chassis

Our company introduce advanced technology, improved from the 110KMP (Refreshing Cologne Tissue Sachet Machine) Series, with production and packaging quality, energy consumption, automatic control of complete, stable performance easy operation and maintenance. Our 110KMP – Refreshing Cologne Sachet machine is designed to product and package 1 single cologne sachet of product. This machine is used to produce single piece cologne tissue cologne sachet of 4-side sealed sachet. It can do the work of folding, cutting, bag-forming, Perfume water (alcohol) perfume-adding, slicing, code-printing and counting. Suitable for packing sachet for hospital or health stations also cologne sachet used in hotels, cologne sachet used for catering in airplanes, The Computer Clean Tissue, The lens Clean Tissue, Anti-bacterial Wipes, Glass Cleaners, ATM Cleaners, Makeup Removal Wipes, etc. The machine